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Average Hearing Test Results by Age and Gender

If hearing loss is detected on a hearing exam, it is only natural to know if the results are "normal" or "average" when taking into consideration age and gender. After all, having some progressive hearing loss as one gets older is expected... but how much is too much?

There was a study published in 2021 that obtained such normative values between ages 10-99 years. The results are shown in the graphs for each decade of life in individuals without any known ear pathology or conductive hearing loss. Compare your results with the graphs!

Don't understand how to read a hearing test graph (aka, audiogram)? Click here to learn how!

Hearing loss can also be predicted based on your current hearing test results, age, gender, and equation used. Click here to determine your projected hearing loss in the future!

* Source: Patterns of hearing changes in women and men from denarians to nonagenarians. The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific, ISSN: 2666-6065, Vol: 9, Issue: 0, Page: 100131.