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Free Online Neuromodulation Tone Generator for Tinnitus Treatment

In order for the tone generator to create the proper tone sequence for your specific tinnitus, you must first precisely find your tinnitus frequency. This is a critically important step!!! You can figure this out using a tinnitus tone generator or a Q&A style frequency finder. Once you have your tinnitus frequency, enter in this value within the tinnitus frequency box and click play!

Ideally, the tone sequence should be listened to with headphones for 4 to 6 hours a day for 6 or more months, though improvement can be seen in as little as 3 months.

** PLEASE NOTE! If you have any problems getting this webpage to work, please try using the Chrome browser instead and make sure javascript is enabled!

Download mp3 of the tone sequence!
Customized pause durations can also be created!


STEP 1: Precisely determine your tinnitus frequency.

This is a critically important step! You can figure this out using a tinnitus tone generator or tinnitus frequency finder.

If you already know your frequency, skip to next step below.

STEP 2: Enter your tinnitus frequency!

Enter your tinnitus frequency in the text box above. Keep in mind that this program is able to create tone sequences only for frequencies between 500 - 10,000 Hz.

STEP 3: Press Play!

Press the green "PLAY Pattern" button above to generate the acoustic neuromodulation tone sequence specific for your tinnitus frequency. Ideally, the tone sequence should be listened to with headphones for four to six hours a day for 6 or more months, though improvement can be seen in as little as 3 months.

MP3 Downloads

If you desire to download a mp3 audio file of the neuromodulation sound sequence for your convenience, click here. The cost is $5 - $10+ as this is manually created. A 5-10+ minutes long audio will be created which you can play on a loop on any digital player.

For an additional $20 fee, we can also customize the pause duration in between tone sequences (currently set to 0.7 seconds).

Keep in mind that what is created here is a “basic” neuromodulation tone sequence.

Even more complex audio sequences can be created utilizing variable pause durations or even double frequency tonal sequences.

There are paid iPhone and Android apps that provide a similar service.

Tonal Tinnitus Therapy (droid)
Tonal Therapy (iPhone)

Also there are commercial products that claim to have created a more sophisticated neuromodulation sound that works better and can be embedded in music (expensive). These other products include:

Levo Medical
• Desyncra (possibly gone out of business)

There is also bimodal neuromodulation which combines sound with external stimulus that purportedly works better than sound only neuromodulation:

Neosensory Duo (uses the wrist)
Lenire (uses the tongue)

Neuromodulation tone by myNoise is also free and is more "one-size-fits-all."

Background Information on What Acoustic Neuromodulation is and How it Works (theoretically)

Tinnitus is felt to be due to an abnormally hyperactive neural network within the auditory cortex of the brain that is firing in a synchronous manner. The goal of acoustic neuromodulation or acoustic coordinated reset neuromodulation (ACRN) involves using the frequency of the tinnitus as the center tone… and then adding some higher and some lower frequency sounds to randomly stimulate around the area of the auditory cortex where the tinnitus frequency is found.

Using a complex mathematical algorithm, a personalized sound prescription for a tinnitus sufferer is created. This basically encompasses a series of tones which are transmitted to the nerve cells in the brain of the patient in such a way that the cell's abnormal synchronous activity is disrupted and hyperactivity is reduced.

The customized 4 tones above and below the tinnitus frequency are spatially and temporally staggered in such a way that it forces the synchronous nerve cells into different subgroups, each with its own unique rhythm different from the original tinnitus neural rhythm. Short pauses between the tonal stimulation signals remodel the nerve network. If repeated regularly and often enough, these stimulation signals hopefully will reduce the hyperactivity to such an extent that the abnormal neural synchrony will be permanently reversed, thereby resolving the tinnitus.... at least that's what theoretically is supposed to happen.

Another way to explain how CR neuromodulation works is that by using frequencies above and below the tinnitus frequency, brain areas that surround the over-stimulated area of the auditory cortex where the tinnitus is found is also over-stimulated. By stimulating these surrounding areas, the tinnitus area of the auditory cortex becomes inhibited. This phenomenon is known as "neural inhibition."

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