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White Noise Generator

White or other colored noises are an effective way to mask and treat tinnitus, a very common problem that normally occurs in individuals with hearing loss, but can also be triggered by stress and anxiety. Although generic white noise works just fine to mask tinnitus, a more "pleasing" non- or off-white noise can further help by addressing and soothing the psychological aspects of tinnitus.

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EQ Fluctuations


Background Additions:


First, click PLAY and manually adjust the equalizer sliders to a noise setting that is most pleasing to your ear. Alternatively, you can click on standard different sound-colored presets. By adding background resonances (sea, wind, and/or forest), sound depth can be added to the noise giving the sense of being in a wide open environment rather than inside an enclosed room.

Next, you can optionally have the computer fluctuate the equalizer settings to add variation to the noise by adjusting the speed and amplitude sliders.

Finally, all your custom noise settings can be saved as a link via the SAVE SETTINGS button. The settings will be copied to the clipboard. By pasting, you can share this custom unique link as a bookmark or share with others.

Notched white noise audio files are also freely available to download here.

You can use our tinnitus matching tool to replicate the tinnitus you hear. We also have a matching tool for those who hear a more pulsatile or clicking tinnitus.