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Hearing Loss Simulator

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Ever wonder what a person with significant hearing loss is going through? This hearing loss simulator is one of the best available online allowing a user to mimic different types of hearing loss by adjusting the decibel hearing loss for each frequency measured on a standard hearing test. Using headphones, the user can even create different hearing loss patterns between ears, or simply play the average hearing loss to both ears. Please note that this hearing loss simulator is an improved and online version of the CDC's HLSim NIOSH Simulator program.

Watch an instructional video on how to use this program or follow the instructions below.

STEP 1 (Select Sound): Begin by selecting a foreground voice (person talking) and optionally a background noise. Press the PLAY button. Adjust the speaker volume to a comfortable hearing level. You can play or pause the sound after selection at any point.



STEP 2 (Adjust S/N Ratio): Adjust voice signal (foreground) to noise (background) ratio by moving the slider. When in the middle, the foreground and background sounds are played equally loud. This feature is to mimic real-life situations where background noise may be present to varying degrees while someone is talking.

  S/N Slider:   Foreground      Background

STEP 3 (Enter Hearing Loss Pattern): Enter customized hearing test results into the audio grid below within the grey box (default is 0 or normal hearing). As you enter the values, they will automatically plot on the audiogram showing BLUE X for the left ear and RED O for the right ear. The GREEN + is the average of the two sides. More info on how to read an audiogram chart.

Alternatively, one can select a preset that automatically enters values characteristic for mild hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, or severe hearing loss.

Finally, specify whether the hearing loss pattern should be played to each side separately (you need to wear headphones) or the average hearing loss played to both sides equally.

 Hearing Loss Presets:

 Hearing Loss Playback

Audio Grid

Hertz 125 250 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000
Rt Ear:
Lt Ear:
Avg: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

RED O is right ear | BLUE X is left ear | GREEN + is average.

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