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Complex Tinnitus Acoustic Treatment Programs

BASIC Tinnitus Treatment Programs

CUSTOM COMPLEX Audio Files for Tinnitus

But from these basic acoustic programs for tinnitus treatment, more complex sounds can be created for those who are interested. For example...

Double Notched Audio: The vast majority of patients have a single frequency tinnitus for which a single notched audio may help... But if a patient has not just one tinnitus tone, but two different frequencies (known as double tinnitus), audio can be notched at 2 different frequencies. Double notched audio can be ordered here.

CR Neuromodulation with Variable Pause Durations: The standard neuromodulation audio contains 0.7 second pauses in between tone sequences centered over a single frequency f1. However, this 0.7 second pause is not set in stone. The pause duration can last any length of time. Furthermore, it can change over time. For some patients, the pause duration starts out at 0.7 seconds for the first 10 minutes. It then lengthens to 1.5 seconds for 10 minutes. Then 2 seconds and so forth.

Another neuromodulation variation for those who suffer from double tinnitus is to alternate between tone sequences, f1 and f2. For example, f1 tone sequence --> 0.7 sec pause --> f2 tone sequence --> 0.7 sec pause --> f1 tone sequence, etc.

A final neuromodulation variation is to overlay f1 and f2 tone sequences on top of each other.

How to Order CUSTOM COMPLEX Audio Files

We do offer a service to create these more complex audio programs. Depending on the complexity of the custom order, the cost can be anywhere from $2 - $5+ per minute. Please contact support if you would like to order such an audio file. Be sure to provide a detailed description of exactly what you desire and a custom quote will be provided.