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Treatment Protocol

The suggested treatment protocol if your tinnitus frequency is 8,000Hz or less is to listen to the notched sound for long periods of time - 5 hours or more at a time. Notched music appears to work as well as notched white noise.

If tinnitus frequency is above 8,000Hz, listen to the notched white noise three times a day, 1 hour each time. Notched music does not appear to work well for tinnitus higher than 8,000Hz. Be aware, there is not research evidence that notched sound therapy works for tinnitus frequencies higher than 13,000Hz.

Sleeping with the notched white noise in either situation works well by additionally providing masking.

Tinnitus relief with notched sound therapy usually takes weeks to months.

Do keep in mind that different types of sound have theoretical maximum effective frequencies above which making a notched audio file will really make no difference. For example, white noise maximum effective frequency occurs at 20,000Hz. Music occurs @ 8000Hz. Pink Noise @ 12,600Hz. Brown Noise @ 14,400Hz.


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