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Treat Your Tinnitus!

Custom White Noise: There is generic white noise... and then there is white noise that can be customized to make it sound nicer or more pleasant. White noise basically masks the tinnitus. It also helps you to avoid focussing on the tinnitus. The more you focus on the tinnitus, the more you are reinforcing the tinnitus. Do whatever it takes to avoid focusing on the tinnitus!

Notched Audio: This tinnitus treatment strategy utilizes white noise... BUT, the tinnitus frequency is completely absent or "notched" out. Theory goes that if you listen to this "notched" white noise, eventually, when you turn off the white noise, it tricks the brain to also turning off the tinnitus as well. This treatment strategy requires you to know your tinnitus frequency.

CR Neuromodulation: Unlike white noise which is a continuous sound, this strategy uses a series of mathematically determined tones that play both above and below the tinnitus frequency followed by pauses. Researchers have determined that by playing these tones that dance around the tinnitus frequency, over time, the tinnitus will fade away. This treatment strategy requires you to know your tinnitus frequency.

Custom Complex Audio Files: Using the above "basic" acoustic programs for tinnitus treatment, more complex sounds can be created for those who are interested such as double notched audio, variable pause duration neuromodulation, double frequency neuromodulation overlap or alternating tone sequences, etc.

Other Tinnitus Treatment Options: Other strategies can be found in our online store.


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