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sound calibration
select which method to adjust headphone volume

sound meter
hand rub

sound calibration instructions

  1. Play the tone calibration file by pressing the triangle button below  .
  2. Using a sound meter, ensure that the sound volume coming out of the headphones is 65±3 dB
  3. If needed, watch video of how to do this.
  1. Play the hand rub audio file by pressing the triangle button    below with headphones on.
  2. Now, without the headphones on, rub your hands together closely in front of your nose, quickly and firmly.
  3. Using the volume slider, try to produce the exact same loudness
  4. Keep adjusting the volume so that the sound volume from the calibration file through your headphones and your hands rubbing without headphones are equally loud.

Testing in Progress

ear : right
timer : 5
airplane ice cream hot dog reindeer

SRT results

right :
left :
Normal 0 - 25 dB
Mild Hearing Loss 26 - 40 dB
Moderate Hearing Loss 51 - 55 dB
Severe Hearing Loss >55 dB